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James batty

One of three video recordings generously supported by the Continuo Foundation, we have proudly recorded this work entitled ‘Vivaci Sensi’ by the rising star composer James Batty. This work was commissioned by NOXWODE for the ‘Lies & Morals’ tour of 2022, and this work complimented the very imaginative and storytelling style of the 17th century perfectly. Inspired by Barbara Strozzi’s ‘Mentita’ this work illuminates the darker side of relationships including gaslighting, lies, and being led astray in a modern portrayal via 17th century instruments. In addition to the Continuo Foundation’s support for our L&M tour, their help enabled this wonderful commission to be possible.


La Bergamasca

A brief glimpse into the recording of 'La Bergamasca' from Uccellini's op.4, now available on Spotify and Apple Music. The violins used are the 1572 Andrea Amati, and a 1630's Amati family member instrument.

Violins: Conor Gricmanis & Claire Edwards

Cello: Miriam Nohl

Double Bass: Josie Jobbins

Baroque Guitar: Jonatan Bougt

Harpsichord: Timothy Roberts


Our Uccellini disc is now out! Feel free to contact us if you would like us to send you a CD, or check out the album on Spotify and Apple Music!